Friday, April 12, 2013

Arts Festival Day

Lots and lots of wonderful colorful circles.
Miss Swiderski receiving a group hug from Second Grade students! 
We will miss her when she goes back to Western Michigan University. 

 Styrofoam pieces dipped in black paint and stamped.

Small clay tiles made by stepping onto moist clay with interesting treads on the bottom of student's shoes. These tiles will be grouped in a larger square and turned into pavers for the gardens.

Today was Arts Festival Day at NSE.  Every grade level came to the cafeteria for 45 minutes to create beautiful pieces of art for the school. Grades 3- 5 also made large clay beads that we will turn into a totem pole.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Native American Storytellers

Forgive my absence. Not sure what happened to March but it has been weeks since I posted. Oh, yeah that crazy Masters program that is consuming every single free moment of my life is what has happened. Hang in there with me, December will be here soon and I will be finished!

I tried a new project to support the study of Native Americans that our third graders do every year. Also our grade levels have reading buddies so I wanted to do something that celebrates the idea of reading to someone. Not all my students have had a parent read to them or have time to pass family traditions or stories down. I tell them the story of my brother leaving me while I got stung by bees (Oh no Jeff, it's now in print for the world!)

Anyway, I'm having some trouble transferring pictures from phone to email to blog so I can only get two of them to appear. I love the faces on these. You have to realize the students had only two 30 minute sessions to complete their person and tree.

 I just love the print the student added to his book!