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Emma's Degas!  Emma created a wonderful plaster piece from a self portrait of Degas. She is a second grader (going into third) WOW! We started with aluminum foil and then wrapped in plaster sheets.


What an incredible week with a group of 2nd - 5th graders! I love this part of summer. This is just a preview of some of the wonderful things these artist created with clay, plaster and tiles.  I could not have hand picked a better group of kids and I am so thankful for their parents who support their child's love of art!...more to come.

Favorite Art Tool

I saw a blog the other day that listed their top Ten art supplies ordered  can't remember which blog, sorry) Anyway I had to add my favorite art tool. This is great for cutting about 20 identical slabs of clay in about 10 seconds.. Just LOVE it.