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High School and Kindergarten collaboration

How cool is this? Last fall I gave the prompt to my kindergartners at both school, "Draw something  you love."  I then shared them with our High School teachers and their students used them for inspiration in both drawing and digital arts class.

Mother's Day

A quick post to show a couple of Mother's Day projects coming home this weekend.

Terra cotta pinch pots with added texture and beads for the handle.

The beginnings of our field of poppies for our Basic plus class.

Painted Lines

I'm teaching this lesson in two different ways for NSE and PKE. At PKE I'm teaching it as "princess and the pea". Every line represents the mattress with a princess or prince at the top. NSE is creating the pictures below as a much more standard line design approach. I wanted to compare and experience the process at the same time instead of reflecting in a year how one approach compared to the other.

March is Reading Month challenge

Love, LOVE love to paint.  Thought I'd take on the Classroom door decorating challenge with the super hero theme.


How cool are these?
I love working with classroom teachers and Kristi brought this idea to me. Students painted in art then added craypas and cut letters in their class.