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Valentine paintings

I really like this lesson. It involves skills such as folding, planning, pattern, repetition, color theory and is very popular with the students.
Starting by folding a 12 x 18  in half, then in half, then in half so they can see 8 sections. Each section gets a heart or other shape, each shape is filled with a small repeating shape. The area around the shape is filled with a different line. The lines and shape must be original to each section. Students are encouraged to use different colors for every section.
P.S. The use of sponges on trays is a new idea to keep paints and artwork a bit cleaner, so far it seems to help.

Crazy Hair day!

Live for CRAZY HAIR DAY!   
It's like the moon and stars align when ONE of my three buildings celebrates Crazy Hair Day.   I did this for my daughter when she was in 6th grade, 10+ years ago.  The secret is an empty water bottle or if your hair is really long a 2 liter empty bottle.  Just pull it up and secure with an elastic band, add pipe cleaner flowers and you're good to go!