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snowboard update

The students added new details today and at the end of the day I touched up my green over spray marks so it will be ready for more drawing on Monday.  You can see Jaden's pre study of his designs under his left arm. Many students changed their selected design when they saw what was already on the board by other students. 

Snowboard design

It's funny how opportunities land in your lap and some you have to seek.  A parent who works for a snowboard company approached me and asked if one of my classes would be interested in designing a snowboard for Barrett Christy.  Heck YEAH!

Using pattern and repetition in art is one of our curriculum standards for 4th grade. We decided to incorporate a zentangle type design.  All the students came up with personal ideas for a snowboard, a grid sheet of their favorite patterns and then interview questions for Barrett.  We did a cool webcast with her in December then returned to our patterns to incorporate some of her favs.

Here is our work in progress.  We're hoping for another webcast or even a school visit this winter.