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Our school district has a very cool program called "Blessings in a Backpack".  The purpose is to support students who receive free and reduced lunch during the week who often go without on the weekend. Through local fundraising support the student receives a backpack with non perishable food items on Friday afternoon and returns the backpack on Monday morning.  I took this picture for my Masters program. I wanted to show multiple backpacks and the volunteers delivery.

Monster Sweeper

I can't take any credit for this idea. I saw it a while back BP (Before Pinterest) and now I can't find the teacher's website who had a great monster painted on a commercial sweeper. If you know, send me a message.  I painted this over the summer and it is great to see students get excited to clean. I find a student that needs a job and say quietly, "Hey, you wanna be our monster sweeper today?" They often pick a partner to help.  I should have come up with something like this for my own kids when they were young!

Art Room Management

I got this idea from  I numbered the stools at each table to match a robot job. To give each student a chance at a new job I velcro'd the numbers to the robot jobs so I can move the numbers around.  So far it is helping to keep students in their seats plus they seem to love having a table responsibility.

Junior High lesson from years back on color theory and clay

The 8th grade students started a unit on color theory by creating a 4" square design with a 1/4" border. The designs were copied x 8 then painted to show complimentary, analagous, warm, cool, black white, etc... Then they took their design on a double slab of clay and cut out their design on one slab and attached it to the other slab to create the raised tile.  I wish I had a close up of the tiles to show the dimension. The tiles were arranged and mounted to wood and hang in the office.  One of my favorite all time projects!