Junior High lesson from years back on color theory and clay


The 8th grade students started a unit on color theory by creating a 4" square design with a 1/4" border. The designs were copied x 8 then painted to show complimentary, analagous, warm, cool, black white, etc... Then they took their design on a double slab of clay and cut out their design on one slab and attached it to the other slab to create the raised tile.  I wish I had a close up of the tiles to show the dimension. The tiles were arranged and mounted to wood and hang in the office.  One of my favorite all time projects!


  1. These are just beautiful, and they bring together so many different elements of design. Really impressive !

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, I tried to find your clay bells on your site but didn't have any luck??

  3. I absolutely love the result of this lesson, however I can not figure out how it was done. Were these painted with glaze? How did you get the students to create such complex, neat designs?

  4. The students used Stroke and Coat glaze so you only need to use one coat althought two is better especially for the dark colors. The palette was limited to the colors you see so that it would harmonize.
    If you can imagine a piece of paper folded in half and then in half again creating four quarters. The students used parallel lines to fill the one quarter and then copied the design to the other quarters by holding up to the window. Let me know if this helps or I can create a blog post that shows the process.
    Thanks for commenting


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