Lines with Kinders

In past years I have usually done a two day lesson on Mondrian. We paint large black lines across our body and then paint in primary colors the next lesson. This year I have a young (er) group of students and since it's only week 3 they are still learning procedures in the art room. I decided instead to discuss line in a different way. On top of that some wonderful staff member put a HUGE stack of precut strips of colored paper on my desk. I HAVE AN IDEA!   We discussed how lines can bend and fold and go over and under.  The students were so excited. I also tried out plastic containers with sponges soaked in glue. 
Much less messy but make sure the sponges are just barely moist as water and glue make an adhesive that may not stick as well. 
An update on the master's research...10 more weeks and I won't know what to do with the 20+ hours I will have to, oh I don't know, create ART!


  1. OMG - this looks like so much fun. I bet the kinders loved it!
    Thanks for the tip on the glue sponge. I just made up a set and can't wait to use them.

  2. I bet these little guys had so much fun working with the coloured strips. This is so simple and so effective. Thanks for having a stack of strips on your table.

  3. I do this same project with my kindergarteners but introduce it by reading the picture book called "Rollercoaster!". The illustrations are great for discussing line variety, overlapping, and sculpture. The kindergarteners love it!

  4. I also do this lesson with my kindergarteners but I use the picture book Rollercoaster! to introduce it. The illustrations are great for discussing line variety, overlapping, and sculpture. The kids love it!

  5. I've done a project like this for years! We talk about how to bend, fold, and roll the paper as well. Here's a link to our project.


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