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Okay so you’ve heard me whine and complain for the last 13 months about my masters program at Boston University…one more time, it’s been tough, really tough.
I’m writing an autoethnographic research paper on wheel throwing. I’ve always wanted to learn to throw with consistency and precision.  What better place to get tips, methods and techniques than from my wonderful online community of artist educators.
If you’re an expert or struggling in this art form I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, ideas, tips etc..
Don’t be shy, let’s learn this together!

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  1. As far as centering goes - I found that if I took the hand that was on the side of the clay and stuck that elbow in my hip bone my arm wouldn't flail about quite to much and would actually move the clay to center far faster than if I tried to man handle it.

    I think rest of it just takes a lot of practice and patience - I know every time I tried to rush I put a finger through the edge.

    Also - if you need to sneeze -- HANDS OFF! ;)


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