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More Clay Camp -Clay Bracelets

These are super fun and easy.  Each artist started with a small slab of clay and lots of cutting and texture stamps, alphabet stamps.  They cut the strips, draped them across their wrist to measure, then laid them flat, added texture and joined the ends.  You have to remind them not to glaze the bottom edge of one side. 

Art Camp Birds with hanging feet

One of the projects the Clay Camp Session 1 students did was to make pinch pot birds.  I ran out of wire to attach the feet and tried to use pipe cleaners but wire would work best. I got this idea from Pinterest (Flickr. Apparently the ceramic teacher's name is Janet Burns (I always attempt to credit the artists and instructors)  The students need to put holes in the front of the bird and in the feet. Some students added the top holes to add feathers. I think they are awesome! The students are from 2nd to 4th grade so it's a great project for multi ages.

More to come...

Plaster Plaques An oldie but a goodie

Start by having the students draw an image on the inside of a styrofoam tray.  It's a good idea to have them draw an idea first on paper. Make sure to tell them NOT to push to far into the foam that they poke a hole

Then mix up a large amount of plaster and pour into trays. I used a scoop to pour from a 5 gallon bucket. I did the pouring after school and it took about 35 minutes to do one class.  About 5-10 minutes after you pour and the plaster starts to set up, drop an opened paper clip on the back so later the students can hang their artwork. Make sure you put the trays in the "Up" position because you wont' be able to see the artwork to know which way is up.
 These are unfinished because we ran out of time during camp, but you can use any type of paint to color.   Last fall one of my 3rd grade classes studied Shakespeare so the students drew an image from Romeo and Juliet.  Another good prompt is to have them draw their favorite book character.  I haven't do…

Meet Miss Lippincott aka "Lippy"

Last Fall our beloved 17 year old cat died.  We spent winter watching shelters and waiting.  Jack's sister Melissa (HUGE dog/cat lover) was driving out in Davison with her friend Jen and passed a sign "Free Kittens".  I told her she needed to talk to Jack since it was his pet.  They texted back and forth and before you know it we are driving out to see the kittens. I'm smart enought to know you rarely go out to "SEE" a kitten, you know you are going to come home with it!  We found her on Lippincott road so that's where we got name. She was super tiny when we got her and kind of passive. Oh, how that has changed.  Super spunky and sweet!