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Egyptian Sarcophagus, fourth Grade

This is the third year I've done this project and I've changed it every year. The first year I had the students trace their entire body. They were great but it took forever not to mention when students are on the ground using Craypas they tend to forget them and I don't have to tell you about cleaning up squished Craypas. Last year I used styrofoam hot dog containters and air dry clay. But this year using the half sheets of craft paper is by far my favorite. The students sketch first using handouts of egyptian alphabets and symbols  (that I got at a garage sale!) Then they go to the kraft paper, they add color with Craypas and then I got out the metallic gold paint for details.


Art provides unique opportunities to explore and develop ways of knowing, doing, and being. As such, art, as a core subject, …is a critical component in the development of every child and in multiple ways permeates every aspect of human existence. –U.S. Department of Education

Thanks Lori from artclassworks.blogspot for posting this on your site...

Self Portraits

I just love self portraits! I'm fortunate to have desk top mirrors for the student to really "LOOK" at their faces.  These were done in pencil and crayon /colored pencil. In the past I've used primary color paint (Think Lichtenstein) or shades of brown. This year I ran out of time with the tight schedule and we weren't able to use the paint. Maybe in the fall we try it again.

Fifth Grade masks

I know you've seen some of the masks that fifth graders make mid year but I just picked these up from the art show and had a chance to really study how wonderful they really are.  Just had to share!

Clay Flowers, Kindergarten, Young Fives...Don't look if you haven't opened your Mother's Day gift

Remember these?  I posted pics of the flowers glazed but not fired. Love. Them. If you're a NSE Mom yours are drying and haven't been glazed yet. Young Fives have them wrapped ready to deliver.  I usually enlist the help of wonderful Parents or 4th or 5th graders to help. I couldn't have done it without them this year!

Finished Picassos, First- Third Grade

Just a small sample of finished Picasso inspired faces. Depending on the school, most were painted in tempera but also some additions of colored pencil and paper.  I'm really happy with the way they turned out. It was more time consuming project than I hoped it would be, but the results are incredible.