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Yummy color wheel

Well it was the second to last art class of the year for these 5th graders and to say they are excited and ready for the middle school and summer to start is an understatement.  It's been a couple of years since I did this lesson but it is always a hit. Starting with 3 cans of frosting, one for each  primary color will cover a class of 26. I mix the colors myself and find the clear gel colors work best but are more expensive. Stir well and drop by a small scoop onto plates. I have the students work in pairs to recreate the color wheel from the primary colors.  When they are finished I have to check it before they eat it.  They use flat head toothpicks to mix and spread on vanilla wafers. My cupboard is hilarious for a few months as I search and save for frosting on sale for $1.

Purple Iris

Oops, trying to get fancy with photo placement and it's not working. Anyway I am looking back on the last few lessons and the answer is YES, I am flower crazy this spring.  Kindergarten used Purple and yellow paint to create iris'.  They get to see first hand what happens when these complimentary colors mix and a review of symmetry.  We painted one side and then folded the prefolded paper so it prints on the other side, a magic moment for kinders. The next week we drew and then cut out the leaves and applied. We could have just drawn the stems and leaves but I felt we needed to practice more cutting. I do have another flower lesson to share soon. Stay tuned! and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

Forsythia Branches

A different spin on the cherry blossom branches that I have done in the past.  I have so many students this year that attended the Early Childhood Young Fives so I don't want them doing the same lessons as last year and honestly I like to change things up, yep, that's my attention span too.

So we used a straw to blow brown or black paint (depending on school and what I had), stamped yellow corks dipped in paint and then added tissue paper blossoms on top. I showed them how to twist a piece of tissue paper around an old pencil then dip in glue and TAdAAA...magic blossom! Seriously I think I got applause!