Yummy color wheel

Well it was the second to last art class of the year for these 5th graders and to say they are excited and ready for the middle school and summer to start is an understatement. 
It's been a couple of years since I did this lesson but it is always a hit.
Starting with 3 cans of frosting, one for each  primary color will cover a class of 26. I mix the colors myself and find the clear gel colors work best but are more expensive. Stir well and drop by a small scoop onto plates. I have the students work in pairs to recreate the color wheel from the primary colors.  When they are finished I have to check it before they eat it.  They use flat head toothpicks to mix and spread on vanilla wafers.
My cupboard is hilarious for a few months as I search and save for frosting on sale for $1.


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