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Wall Worthy?

I have a wall in my front hallway that has photos that I have taken of my kids, family and friends. The running joke in my home is when I have a good photo that needs to go on "The Wall", are the people in the photo, Wall Worthy?  Other than the picture of Missy with the flower and Jeff in the "Thinker" position, I have taken all of them. Most are Christmas card pictures added every year.

 I just realized that there have been a few additions to the wall since this was taken and YES, everyone is still Wall Worthy!
Oh, and I hope you like the new banner and page color on the blog. I'm not so sure about the background color of the banner but it's a lesson in tech patience.
I saw this last fall on Pinterest on a T shirt. I wanted to give credit to the origin but when I Google'd it I found it on all kinds of things including statues, stationary and clothes. Help me out if you know who said it first.
I knew it would be a fun board with a great message.

Schedule Update...Art For ?

It's a bit early to post my actual schedule but rumor is that I will only be at TWO schools this year. Wow, I am so happy! I will miss my students at the one school but am excited about what I will be able to accomplish with this schedule! This will be so much easier than when I had FOUR schools a couple years back!

Clay Bells

We used terra cotta clay to create these bells. A simple inverted pinch pot and an added rectangle piece to the top. The students used a straw to punch a hole in the bell if they wanted to hang the bell and a small hole by the top to hang a small ball of clay to hang inside the bell.  I love the different animals they made.