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Pinterest...and I actually made something I pinned!

I. LOVE. Pinterest! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an online visual favorites organizer. But the best thing is the sharing of boards (or pins) with others with the same interest. You have to check it out but let me send out a disclaimer, several people have sent me "Curse you Jody, I can't get anything done now" be prepared for instant addiction.
I also have to say that for these magazine holders you have to buy the BIG boxes of cereal and yes I feel  a bit guilty for buying the HUGE lucky charms and just so Jack doesn't rot all his teeth I have to admit to enjoying a bowl of these sugar filled yummos.
They still need clear contact paper but I now have a great way to store my art magazines!

Happy Thanksgiving

So happy to have the oldest two home from college, even if it was just 36 hours with Missy. Of course I had to carve out some time for pictures. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed their time with family and friends!


This was a new project for me I found on  I think I joined the rest of the world in the latest Peacock craze.  The students started by drawing their birds with chalk on black paper and then started using blue and white paint to create the bodies.  I showed them several pictures of peacocks and their feathers but as you can see everyone seemed to have their own idea of how the feathers look and that's the part that I love.

Eric Carle style leaves

I have a wonderful group of students that come to see me every other week in addition to their regular art time.  I really look forward to this class.  The first thing we did was create pattern color paper on white 12 x 18 paper. I set out red, orange, white, black, green and some metallic color paint and we rolled with textured rollers, brushed, splattered lots of paper. The next class period we took those painted papers and cut out leaf like shapes to glue to our background paper.

Bug Jars

This is a good one or two class project. Since my classes are only 30 min. I usually have the students draw their Jar, then use a wet finger on tempera cakes to make bugs.  One finger can be used for butterflies or two fingers if each finger becomes a wing. Also we use our pinkies to make caterpillars. The next week we add the details, eyes antennae, grass.  I like that this can be used when you have just finished a long project and want a one/two day project.

Stamped Houses with added texture

Friday the kindergarten students added texture to their houses.  These texture plates are like magic!  I let the First grade students experiment with them after they finished their bug jars (coming soon) and they loved them too! It sounds like a bee hive when all the students are using them.

Jazz Pictures

A third grade lesson that I just love. The students look at pictures of instruments (in the past I was able to get my hands on real instruments) then they sketch several in their sketchbooks. Then they pick their favorite 3-5 and draw them on a large piece of paper.  This year I used the Alpha cakes for painting and just used the glitter touch for spots of bling.

Clay Owls Step One and Two

This lesson is a 4th grade favorite.  Since my classes are only 30 minutes we spend one week practicing with modeling clay then the next week we create the eyes, beak, wings,  and feet.  The third week I give each student a slab of clay and a PVC pipe. They cut an oval shape and then roll the top of one end over the PVC and attach their parts. I think you could use wooden dowels but the PVC makes it easier to slip the pipe out as the last step.  I also have clay stamps and pinecones for them to add texture.  Once we glaze I will add more pictures but I wanted to show the before steps now.

Stamped be continued

This is a wonderful follow up lesson to the shape stamps we did the previous week (not sure if I photographed). The kindergartners learned to print/stamp by "Hopping like a frog or bunny" and NOT to schwizzle. Schwizzle is when you rub the cardboard or paint with the cardboard.  If you ask my kids about schwizzling...they know and are very serious about it.  Yes, some do, especially students that don't have much painting experience. The urge to smear the paint is strong, but is usually only one or two per class.  Anyway next week we will take these houses and use texture plates to add color and dimension...check back.