Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

So happy to have the oldest two home from college, even if it was just 36 hours with Missy. Of course I had to carve out some time for pictures. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed their time with family and friends!


  1. Jody, you left a comment on my blog saying you were having trouble posting comments. I've posted about this before, and often the solution is simple. Do you use Internet Explorer as your browser? I used to, and had all sorts of problems, leaving comments, and also formatting issues with blogger. I've switched to Mozilla Firefox, and haven't had any problems since. Someone else said that they had switched to Google Chrome and it is totally trouble-free. So if you use IE, just download a different browser and give it a try.

    By the way, beautiful kids!! I know what it's like to have them home only briefly. My son who graduated from college in May is currently working in food service (not exactly a career job, but earning money at least). He had to choose between having Thanksgiving and Christmas off (he chose turkey-day as we are Jewish) and had it set up weeks in advance that he would be home with us. The day he left for home, he found out they had put him on the work schedule for Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, all which had been promised to him as days off. He came home anyhow and doesn't know if he still has a job when he returns to Boston tonight. He's filled in for everyone else when they needed coverage, he's never missed a day even when sick, but then they do this to him. I hope he still has the job, but I'm so glad he didn't cancel his visit home.

  2. It seems if I log out of my district's email (Google) and log in to my personal account I'm okay. I'm trying a different browser now.
    Both of my older two have had work issues around the holidays when they have worked every weekend and covered for others. Sometimes it's worth it but I insist on family first! Glad he was home, there will be a better job soon I'm sure!