Clay Owls Step One and Two

This lesson is a 4th grade favorite.  Since my classes are only 30 minutes we spend one week practicing with modeling clay then the next week we create the eyes, beak, wings,  and feet.  The third week I give each student a slab of clay and a PVC pipe. They cut an oval shape and then roll the top of one end over the PVC and attach their parts. I think you could use wooden dowels but the PVC makes it easier to slip the pipe out as the last step.  I also have clay stamps and pinecones for them to add texture.  Once we glaze I will add more pictures but I wanted to show the before steps now.


  1. Hi Jody,

    I saw your comment on Mr. E's blog so I came to see your owl post as I am crazy about owls. Can you explain why you have the students use the PVC pipe to wrap the owl head around? Is it so they have a space to thread a piece of cord through to hang them? Great project and I like that you had them practice with modeling clay first. Always a good idea to practice first.


  2. I have had fun looking through your blog - some great lesson ideas! I will have to look when I have more time. I have added you to my list of blogs!

    -Ms Novak (organized chaos)

  3. So glad to have new folks checking out my blog. Yes, Pat the pvc creates a nice loop to thread yarn through so the owls hang.


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