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Mondrian with a power outage!

Many years ago, I actually thought I created this lesson based on the artist Mondrian. Ha, little did I know a zillion art teachers do this.  Why? Because it is so successful and touches on so many standards for our little kindergartners. Line, long line, cross body movement with the brush, color etc...
We had a power outage today and still had art class. The students were amazing. We shared power outage stories while our eyes adjusted to the window light and created these paintings. Happily the power was repaired by the last class. I'm so proud of these artists.

Rainbow Mural

I got this great idea for a first day of class portrait from .  I had First grade use red and orange to color their portraits, Second grade use Orange and Yellow, Third grade  use Green and Yellow, Fourth grade use Green and Blue and Fifth grade use Blue and purple.  LOVE the results. I have one in the works for NSE. I just need the time to hang them all. It took about 5 hours to put all of these up on the black paper. I wish we could have hung it in one continuous line but where do you find a blank 50 foot wall?

Who is your "Insperashin?"

A LOVE when I receive drawings that a student did at home. I have a special location at each school where those masterpieces are hung. My rule is something made in class HAS to go home, but a picture made at home for me is hung up.  I have to thank Annie for this wonderful artwork that she gave me back in May. I brought it home and will probably keep it forever.  It warms my heart to know I have inspired her and of course love, love the Seabrain part.   It makes me think, who is your inspiration?  Who do you inspire.  I had a co worker tell me the other day that a student had shared kind words about me. I wondered what lesson I did that they liked or did I tell one of my funny stories about my crazy kids or life?  Guess what? It was because I opened the door for them one morning with a smile when their hands were full...Wow! you're kidding? This opened my eyes to how important we are to our students.  How the little things really do matter most.  I am making an even bigger effort …

Bears are in season again this year!

I have done this guided drawing for the last three years and despite how some art teachers feel about guided drawing I am a fan of sprinkling these lessons in my curriculum because...
One, the students are pulled in instantly.
Two, again instant success with all students.
Three, I have never had 5 lunch moms ask me what is going on because the playground is COVERED in chalk bears! You get the picture.
Next week we will cut them out and add a background paper.