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Boston University was the destination for the Summer Studio portion of my masters degree.  How often we hear art educators talk of the isolation of our positions. Imagine spending 10+ days with 40 art educators, creating art and sharing, lots of sharing of ideas and tips.  A big plus was spending time in a wonderful city. I truly LOVE the city of Boston. I met and bonded with several art teacher and am sad that I wasn't the one to take the pictures so I have to email them to get a copy so I can share my new friendships with you.
I took printmaking and portrait painting as my electives. Learned a ton of different techniques
Thanks Janice for capturing this moment of yuck. Tried a Chai tea of some sort (honestly) thought it was a creamsicle type, but ahh no.
View from the dorm, breathtaking
Food Trucks, a new favorite

Love a sense of humor

Wicked smart

Homework in painting class. my favorite things