Boston University was the destination for the Summer Studio portion of my masters degree.  How often we hear art educators talk of the isolation of our positions. Imagine spending 10+ days with 40 art educators, creating art and sharing, lots of sharing of ideas and tips.  A big plus was spending time in a wonderful city. I truly LOVE the city of Boston. I met and bonded with several art teacher and am sad that I wasn't the one to take the pictures so I have to email them to get a copy so I can share my new friendships with you.
I took printmaking and portrait painting as my electives. Learned a ton of different techniques

Thanks Janice for capturing this moment of yuck.
Tried a Chai tea of some sort (honestly) thought it was a creamsicle type, but ahh no.

View from the dorm, breathtaking

Food Trucks, a new favorite

Wicked smart

Homework in painting class. my favorite things 


  1. My 24 year old son lives in Boston. It is expensive to live, but such a fabulous place for young adults! He loves living there.

  2. Thanks Phyl, my oldest son is 25 and I thought of him the whole time I was there. He is graduating soon in architecture and Boston has so much to see. Plus he loves to jog and bike. Even in the heat people were jogging, I thought seriously people take a day off. Anyway I may head back in May to get my diploma and take the gang with me. I've heard west of BU it's a bit cheaper to live.

  3. Ah Boston, my favorite city! I'm so jealous that you got to not only be in Boston but be there making art AND friends!!

  4. Kristin, definitely a favorite city now although I've heard the taxes are crazy high to live there. The great part about Boston University's program is the community of art teachers. It's only been a few weeks but we are staying in touch via instagram, fb and cheering each other through the process. Tough, tough program especially the writing aspect. I'll be finished in December!


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