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Color Theory for Second grade

I really like this lesson for all the ahh ha moments it creates.  First the students must fold a piece of 12 x 18 paper in half both landscape and portrait style, then I say "fold to a  Party in the middle" bringing both ends to the middle. This creates 8 boxes. Then the students draw or paint black lines down the creases and add loops to the sides. Someone said they look like Easter eggs but honestly I never even thought of that.

Now they have 16 spaces and only 9 colors of paint. The rule is that they can only use a color ONE TIME. So they get so excited to mix the remaining 7 spaces. The students are constantly saying, "Look what I made!" When they are dry they can add patterns to their colors.

Valentine Clay Tiles

Happy Valentines Day! Last week the kindergarten students made clay tiles. They used a paper cut heart to protect the center of their heart from the texture stamps they used around the perimeter. The students used their finger to outline the heart shape so it would show up better. Then they found their name on a tray of alphabet pasta to push into the center. We glazed in shades of red, pink and purple. For a final touch we added a red string to hang from the holes inserted with a straw prior to firing. I really like how they turned out.