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   My Fav, Mr. S by the bean.

Recently I realized that this page was very, very old and needed an  update. Although the name of my blog represented a time when I had 1,170 students and covered four buildings.

For nine years I worked for the Clarkston School District in Michigan and taught at North Sashabaw and Pine Knob Elementary. The most important message I can tell you is that I LOVED my job! I want our students to fall in love with art, learn the importance of having, creating, and experiencing art. 


 In June my husband and I relocated to the Sarasota Florida area.  I was so happy to quickly get a job for Pinellas county. I have six classes a day and I'm loving getting to know a new bunch of kids.   Did I mention I LOVE what I do and often tell kids when they tell me they want to be an art teacher..."You will have the best job in the building."
         I graduated from MSU (GO GREEN!) with a degree in design and after my kids were older I began to work on my teaching certification in Visual Arts from University of Michigan (GO BLUE!)  I'm happy to say my daughter is a Spartan! I received my Master's in 2013 from Boston University in art education with my thesis on the ceramic process.

 What do I do when I'm not teaching?  I have three wonderful kids, well two are on their way as they graduated from Lawrence Tech with a degree in Architecture and my daughter from MSU in broadcast journalism.    I like to bake, read, walk, jog, visit and laugh with friends and spend an incredible amount of time reading other art teacher's blogs getting ideas to bring to my classroom.  I am so thankful for the time other art educators invest in cyber space to connect all of the visual art folks. 

In addition to my classroom work I am also a third generation photographer. Last week I had the pleasure of documenting a student for his senior picture and then Sunday morning was spent capturing the joy of a beautiful little girl who turned one.

If you are a parent please know my students (your child) are the highlight of my day.  I work very hard to get to know each one of them. I tell them that I know their faces but forgive me if I forget a name, with over 800 students it is very hard to memorize all of them but each student is very important to me. I read this in a book last week, "...words spoken by kind people have the ability to endure in our lives." I teach art in a very kind, fun but challenging style. My hope is that what I teach will endure.

My favs
                                                            Jack, Jeff,  Jordan and Melissa 2016

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