BirdBath from Clay Camp

I saw this lesson on Artsonia and have always wanted to try glass in the kiln. Now add a generous donation of glass beads and it was just perfect.
The students made two pinch pots, inverted one then added a bird and some details to the sides of the bath. The glass worked perfectly, firing at C05. The only thing that goofed was a few birds "Fell" into their baths. I think that was because with the humidity I didn't do a bisque fire. 


  1. I tried this same lesson at c05 but for some reason we had glass bubbles instead of smooth glass. The glass bubbles were fragile and so they broke and were sharp. We couldn't give them back to the students. So after some discussion with some glass artists they thought I might have used a kind of glass that was not compatible. What kind of glass beads did you use? Do you remember the brand? Thanks!

    1. Oh no, so sorry. I've had pieces crack and then the glaze makes sharp edges on other projects. The glass beads were donated. They were the flat kind I've seen at michaels or Joannes crafts. I've also used small tile type of glass from Saxs art supply with no problem The smaller tiles didn't melt and spread as much.


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