Radial Design with 2nd and 3rd Grade

  Not much time for a detailed explanation but I saw this idea on  zamoranoarts.blogspot.com and thought it was an interesting idea on radial design. There are great step by step instructions on the site.  I just love how they turned out. After the first day of classes only 3/4 of the students were finished but they were so excited that many took them home to finish and we will add to the wall as they come in.


  1. SO nice! This reminds me of a quilt (or beautiful tiles from the Middle East). I love group projects and this one is simple and so striking. Thank you so much for taking the time to post about the projects you do with your students--1170! That's quite a juggling act, but I enjoy your blog a lot. Take care, Brandie (a.k.a. Mrs. P from Create Art With Me).

  2. Thanks Mrs. P, this year thankfully I "only" have 980 students. I checked out your blog and really like your leaf man art! I'm adding it to my fav's

  3. This is great- I think I'm going to try it during our last week in art this year. It looks very dramatic all displayed together!


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