Clay Camp Summer 2015

A few samples of the great creations made by 2-5th grade students and Totem poles made by 6th -12th grade students.  Next week is another week. This allows me to test/explore potential lessons for the 900+ students during the school year.

A student asked me if they could "make anything they want". I know that often strikes fear in art teachers. For me it's not what they make it's more I want them to have past knowledge so that their idea will be successful. For example not to thick or thin. But Erik is a great student and he wanted to create a "claw machine" that you see in arcades.  Pretty cool huh!

I usually add glass marbles to the center before firing but this student didn't want to add any.  She is so meticulous and creates beautiful works.

Love, love this totem bead


  1. HEY!!!!! Jody! I was one of the people in your classroom visiting today - I cant' find your email ANYWHERE, so I am hoping this will find you.

    I think ended up here on art for 1170 and I've been following your blog for YEARS and it looks like you follow mine (Organized Chaos)! Who knew two of us bloggers would be together today - we should have taken a picture!

    Thanks again for letting us come and hang out with you today. Please hunt down my email or respond to this post so I can send you a few things through e-mail.


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