GIANT gumball machines

My kinders just LOVE when I give them a huge piece of paper. I showed them an image of a gumball machine. I was thinking I don't see many gumball machines around anymore but I remember when my mother let me wash out a glass mayonaise jar, load it with coins and do some gumball purchasing at the grocery store. I was about five. Okay, glass jar? Mom, what were you thinking? Yep dropped it in the meat dept. I still remember the look on the butcher's face. I was devasted and I'm sure he was thrilled to sweep up that mess. Anyway, we used huge cardboard circles and then we used sharpies to finish our machines.  Lots and lots of circles of gum in many colors. Not all of the machines were red but another teacher thought the blues ones were a magnifying glass. We used Alphacakes to paint.


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