Clay Coil Bowls

I can't find where I got this idea, checked my Pinterest boards and it wasn't there plus I saw it a long time ago so if you have a reference I'd like to give credit
. I needed a clay project and this one just seemed perfect... Well, perfect NO.  The 3rd graders did this and I think when I count over 150 students and less than 10 fell apart those aren't really bad odds.   We practiced with modeling clay rolling into coils and placing in bowl molds. Then we went into the terra cotta.  Looking back I don't think it was the grade level but if you do this remember to tell them to roll each coil the size of a quarter AND the thickness of an Oreo.   The blending of the inside of the bowl is really important to so that the seams are sealed. They came out beautiful but REALLY, REALLY fragile.  Now I'm crossing my fingers they make it home.


  1. I do something similar, but we use terra cotta flower pots- they suck up the water really nicely for fast, even drying, and the kids sometimes even plant a flower in them for mother's day before they take them home.

  2. How big a flower pot do you use? I've been reusing styrofoam bowls that I use for clay leaves in the fall but now they are getting very worn. Flower pots sound like a good investment.

  3. I use a smallish pot- not sure the size. Here's a link to my results from last year.


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