Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Imaginative Play? YES please!

Remember when Kindergarten was Kindergarten?  Not that I want this post to turn into, "Back in the days...., but it used to be about learning AND learning how to get along with others, keep our hands to ourselves, share, take turns, and PLAY?
My heart goes out to our classroom teachers and the enourmous pressures to keep up and keep upping the test scores. However I am so sad to see groups and grade levels arriving at school or progressing through the lower elementary MISSING so many of these attributes. What gives? IMAGINATIVE PLAY! Seen by many as "play" time. You could insert in the quotes what some may think of as wasted time but I need to rally the wagons! Our students NEED time to use, create and explore their imagination.  The other day I had a particularly challenging group move from center to center investigating modeling clay, paper and simple shape stickers, blank paper and paint, blocks LOTS of blocks. It was beautiful to hear and see.
Notice how they are all engaged, except one who saw my camera!
New modeling clay from Blick and tools

Some students build UP, 

Some build flat on the table

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