Monday, January 30, 2012

Classroom Organizers aka Tool Boxes

Last summer my good friend Renee found this shelf at a garage sale.  Then my good friend Carol's husband was getting rid of these great blue plastic boxes at work. Yeah for me! I now have "Toolboxes" at NSE. The students are assigned numbers in their classrooms and I numbered the boxes 1-30. Now each student is responsible for their number toolbox. Inside each one is an eraser, scissors, a couple of pencils and sometimes a tool we are using a lot like permanent markers. I find that students are very protective of their boxes. I will make a big deal if a student tells me someone wrote on "Their" eraser. I simply look in my mysterious black binder that has all the numbers and say in a huge disapproving voice, "I will have a word with the student in the last class who is number __. " And of course the student gives me that "You get em Ms. S" look.
I find that NSE students are taking better care of materials than the students at my other schools that share a table bucket. I've got more blue buckets so now I'm on the search for another shelf!

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