Saturday, January 14, 2012

Clay Houses

Another great idea from Pinterest. I cut slabs of clay for my special Wednesday class. There are 8 students that are in 2nd and 4th grade and three incredible aides that assist the students.  We started by talking about shapes, We cut our slabs into a large square, a large triangle from the scrap and then smaller squares and rectangles from smaller scraps. I set out textured rollers, lace, and an assortment of textured objects to give the houses dimension. (This was a favorite part for the students, experimenting in textures) Then we scored and put water/slip on pieces before we added them together. The students were able to complete almost all of the project themselves with reminders about what steps went next and that is a true measure of success.
 I can't wait for them to dry and for the students to glaze. Stay tuned for our final masterpieces!


  1. I do clay facades every year. They are so much fun, and the kids love them. High ratio of success.

  2. I love this clay idea, I'm always looking for new ideas for sculpture...I have a class with 6 students in it and I think this would be a great introduction to texture for them. Thanks for the idea!