Art Room Management

A few tricks I use to keep the classroom organized. This year I am using a portfolio for every class (fancy words for poster board folded in half) At one of my schools I keep them on a shelf designated for that grade. At two of my schools I have nice drawers that I label for each grade level. 
I am trying to Google the name of the teacher who shared the Whole Brain Thinking idea of the five rules of the art room, no luck. If you know please send it to me.
I also use a bucket for my younger grades.  Most of the schools are aware of "Bucket Filling." The idea of filling another person's bucket with kindness instead of being a "Bucket Dipper."  My younger students LOVE that I draw a bucket on the board and if they come in very quietly I am known to add a surfer to the water. 
I also pick different artists each year to hang from the center of every table. It's a great way for the students to be exposed to various artists. I hang the prior years artist by the window. I love when the students say, "Oh last year I sat at the VanGogh table."


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