Clay Owls, fourth Grade

Thanks to Linda D. for this lesson. A few summers ago I scored dozens of PVC tubes at a garage sale that work perfectly for clay projects.  I give every student a small slab of clay. They place the PVC pipe about 3" from the top and roll the clay over the pipe.  Then they add eyes, beak, wings and feet.  When they are finished forming the students carefully pull out the pipe leaving a nice tube to feed yarn through for hanging.


  1. I love these owls!! Was thinkin' about trying them with 3rd grade, but may wait till next year. Super fun!

  2. Thanks Mr. E I only have 30 min. classes so I have them practice once with modeling clay while I show an owl powerpoint. Then they form the beaks, eyes, wings and feet and place in a recycled ziploc. The next week I give them the slab and they attach. I've done it the opposite way and this way works MUCH better. Also there is a great youtube video of an owl flying right at the screen with its talons out. My students LOVE it.


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