Cardinals in Trees

I've done this lesson for a few years and tweek it every time.  Last year I ended up with itty bitty birds so I decided to use foam shapes for the students to help with the bodies if they wanted. I think the shape was too big and the birds look a bit fluffy. So, I'll adjust for next year.  This lesson takes 3, 30 minute class periods. Day one we look at the trees outside our classroom. There are several trees that have the Y formation. We  talk about how not all trees look like that (willow trees, evergreen, etc) Hopefully they begin to study tree shapes on their way to soccer or dance? Next we cut brown paper into strips and apply to the blue paper. Second class we create the snowstorm. We talk about how snow falls on a tree and piles up on the ground. The last class we create our cardinals by breaking down images of the bird into simple shapes and adding details with permanent marker. 


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