Cool donations

Over the years I have received some very cool donations. TONS of styrofoam, linoleum, and this paper. A dad who worked in printing donated five reams of this paper. It's matte on one side and sticky on the other, kinda like the sticky part of an envelope.  I have used it with 4th and 5th grades to see what team could build the highest tower that had to stay up for at least 30 seconds. It's always neat to see the team that starts out with one huge tube and THEN tries to support it. I think I should read the book the "Rabbit and the Hare" because it's the team that works steady with a strong base that wins every time. 
All they needed was scissors and a damp sponge.
Wednesday I asked the 5th graders to work in teams to build anything they wanted. I saw lots of towers, rockets and people. I only thought to take a couple of pictures but this dog was really cool.


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