Ice Cream Cones

This is not exactly the time of year for ice cream cones but a perfect time to work on cutting skills. The idea is to turn a square into a circle by "Giving it a haircut", and cut off the corners. I have always taught the fingers, Thumbkin, Pointer, Tall man, Ring man, and Pinkie. Thumbkin always UP and the rest of the family in the larger hole of the scissors EXCEPT for pointer. I'd love to hear any feedback from other art teachers as to this finger position, seems as it is a hot topic for some teachers. Yes, I've tried their claw idea but I believe the students have more control with Pointer supporting the scissors in the front, NOT in the large hole. What are your thoughts?


  1. Honestly as long as their scissors are the correct direction I worry very little about what fingers are in which hole -- I focus more on having them keeping their cutting arm stuck to their side and having them turn their paper. I have found that they have more accuracy when they turn the paper instead of the scissors.


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