Remember the fabulous texture plates?

Several posts back I talked about texture plates. I have never met a class that doesn't LOVE them. When I demonstrate how to use them I actually get applause, like a magician, it's too funny. Well the next class I bring out all the tops from liquid detergents that I have been begging for in newsletters, super thick cardboard wedges and anything I've saved for interesting printing.  I put out paints that won't turn muddy if mixed and have the students roam the tables experimenting with the stamps on their textures. We review printing techniques and I have the students stand up and HOP like a bunny or frog and then we do the "Twist" as a reminder not to rub or paint with their stamps. I believe my technical word is not to schwizzle.  I think this lesson is perfect for the beginning of the year when the students are so anxious to get back to painting.
This is also a good lesson to bring up how much is TOO much. Know when to stop. Is your artwork becoming overwhelmed with paint? color?


  1. Looks like a fun project. I've never used texture plates before- might be time to invest in some!


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