Fieldtrip to the Detroit Institute of Arts

Posing like the mural.

Diego Rivera Mural

Van Gogh

We are so fortunate to live close to a big city and an incredible art museum. Every year our entire district affords to send all 4th graders on a field trip. This year we received a grant for admission to the Detroit Institute of Arts for admission AND the Target grant to pay for some of our transportation for our Title 1 schools. We start our morning at the symphony (DSO) and then head over to the DIA for the rest of the day. We break the trip into 3 different days with 2-3 schools going each time. I was lucky that my three schools all went on the same day so I was able to experience the visit with them.  My students are in the middle of creating sarcophagus' so that exhibit was a  huge draw. I've got my eye on the canopic jars since I do a different type of sarcophagus project every year (I will post soon). I think I better start saving Pringle cans!

 The Degas, Van Goghs, Miro, Kandinsky...Ahhhhh What a DAY!


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