More classroom organizers- PAINT

I used this method last year when I was traveling to the ECC to carry glazes but I find I'm using it more at each school to hold paint. I like the way it keeps the paint from tipping over, keeps it in the middle of the table for all to share. The coleslaw containers I buy at GFC for a few dolllars and the muffin tins are from the dollar store and garage sales. After four classes painting the containers still looked pretty good.


  1. I have a similar set-up for painting,and I find it does travel very well. I'm on a cart, from room to room, but at one school of 'only' 600 students. With no classroom, I've had to get very organized. I was wondering if you have a room at each school? I can't imagine how hectic your schedule must be with so many students at FOUR different schools. You do an amazing job with the resources you have! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Rebecca, I am very fortunate to have an art room at two of my buildings and share a third with another art teacher. When I was at the Young Fives I was on a cart or I used a scrapbook rolling cart. My son is in the junior high so I get to school by at least 7:20 so I have about 90 minutes to prep for the day. On Fridays when I travel I actually stop at one school, set up and drive to the first school. It's totally nuts but I do enjoy what I do. Thanks for your confirmation of the crazy jobs we do but love!


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