Woodland Houses

Thanks to http://paintedpaperintheartroom.blogspot.com/  a wonderful website with great ideas I found this woodland house lesson idea. I see over 200 second graders at this school so I don't have the storage room to store the stand up houses but we stapled them to the blue background paper and then added some details.  I told the students that when I was in school there was a cereal called "Freakys", (growing up in the 70's) Anyway, it came with a plastic monster and I would collect them with my friends and we made houses in the yard for them. I even remembered the jingle and sang a bit for them. The next week I heard a student singing it!  We started by stamping doors, windows and siding on the yellow paper then stamping a roof.  The following week we used Craypas for color. Today we assembled our houses and added details.


  1. I've enjoyed your blog and had a similar schedule my first year.
    I nominated you for a blog award! http://inartclass.blogspot.com/2012/03/blog-awards.html

  2. Wow Angie! Thank you so much that really makes my day, actually my WEEK! I've been busy this week prepping for our district art show and have ignored the blog for a bit. I've got some new pics to post soon. Thank you again!

  3. Aww, love how you re-structured the project! I love any thing that pops off the paper! Thanks for the kind words too! Keep up with all those little artists you inspire daily! Thanks again, Laura :)


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